Have you experienced a video or photo with an annoying watermark? Of course, you did! Though watermarks are meant to prevent others from copying or stealing your work, they may be irritating when you’re trying to draw attention to a specific part of an image, video, or document. As a result, watermark removal is often required. This post will cover 10 free AI watermark remover tools available today. So, let’s explore them in this article.


A watermark is any type of text, logo, stamp, picture, or signature that is displayed over a transparent background, such as a video, an image, or a PDF document. For example, the output of most free video editors will include a watermark that identifies the editor that was used to create the movie. If you need to use these media files for your purposes, you may wish to get rid of the watermark.

Videos, PDFs, and photos may all have watermarks that need to be removed before they can be used in any way other than for business purposes. The question now is, “Which AI watermark remover software should be used?” Yes, the free AI watermark removal tools are available for all platforms.

AI watermark removal tools use AI technology to find and remove watermarks from digital media. It’s not simply an eraser, but a very advanced solution that uses complicated algorithms to remove watermarks in your media files. Now, let’s understand it’s working.

10 Free AI Watermark Remover Tools in 2023

How does it work?

Watermark removal using AI technology sounds like an interesting theory. The process starts with the AI algorithms inspecting the media to identify the watermark. This can be done by searching for and highlighting any major similarities or differences in the content.

After the watermark has been located, the AI will begin the process of isolating it to erase it. This is where all the magic happens; the AI doesn’t only remove the watermark, but it also restores the image’s integrity by evaluating the pixels around it and duplicating them.

Best AI Watermark Remover Tools

There are various free watermark removers on the Internet, but not all of them provide good quality. Some of them may lower the image or video quality, include malicious software, or leave watermark traces. For this reason, be cautious about the free AI watermark remover tools you choose.

Our list of free AI watermark remover tools is below:

1.  Remove.ai

Remove.ai is an advanced AI watermark removal tool to remove watermarks from photos and movies. It uses the latest AI algorithms to guarantee a smooth removal process and returns high-quality and watermark-free content.

Anybody can use the drag-and-drop feature and remove watermarks with high precision. A paid membership may be required for access to additional features or for files that are too large to be uploaded for free.

2.  Fotor

A watermark can be removed from a photo in a matter of seconds with the help of this online photo editing tool, Fotor. It can help you recover the aesthetic value of your photographs by erasing distracting elements like text, logos, and time/date stamps.

It’s simple to use and can eliminate several watermarks simultaneously. Embedded or blended watermarks may be impossible to erase with Fotor. It might face some issues while processing low-resolution or low-quality images.

3.  Wondershare PixCut

Wondershare PixCut is at the forefront of the list when it comes to online AI watermark removal. Simply said, it uses Artificial Intelligence for its processing. This watermark remover tool can easily blur or eliminate an image’s backdrop without compromising the image’s quality. Additionally, it provides immediate results.

You can also use each function and resource of this AI watermark remover tool without any cost. Upload an image, select unwanted elements, and delete them with only three simple clicks. Also, you can easily save pictures to your computer without putting any extra effort.

4.  Unscreen

Unscreen is an amazing AI-based tool that not only removes watermarks from films but also allows you to remove the video’s backdrop. Regardless of the user’s level of editing expertise, Unscreen’s latest AI technology guarantees professional-quality output every time.

It provides both background and watermark removal features. Compared to basic features, a paid subscription may be necessary to access more advanced functions. The time required for processing might change based on the video’s complexity.

5.  Watermarkremover.io

It’s also a web-based free tool that can be used to eliminate watermarks from videos and photos. You have the option of either uploading files from your computer or entering a URL to access online content. The tool will identify it automatically and remove it before you get the processed file.

It’s simple to manage various files simultaneously with it which supports various file types. The processed files may have lower quality or resolution than the originals. It lacks advanced editing tools and output customization options as well.

6.  Pixlr

Pixlr, a feature-rich online picture editor, allows users to do anything from cropping to adding effects to removing watermarks. Pixlr, well-known for its powerful features and intuitive design, combines the efficiency of AI with manual editing features to create stunning, watermark-free photographs.

Because of this, manual editing tools may be used with more precision. To foster originality, it provides a library of predefined layouts and special effects. You’ll need a paid plan to access premium features like ad-free editing and more features.

7.  Inpaint

Inpaint is an advanced AI-driven tool that can be used for damaged photos and to remove unwanted elements like watermarks. It makes use of the latest AI algorithms to swiftly remove undesired objects from images without affecting the original. Not only can it simply erase watermarks, but it also provides various editing services. A high-quality output stays true to the look of the original.

8.  Aiseesoft

Any watermark can be removed from your images by using Aiseesoft, a convenient web-based tool. Known for its rapid processing and high-quality results, it eliminates the need for time-consuming human editing. Those who need to make last-minute changes without downloading and installing software will find it a useful online resource.

Some features, such as batch processing or managing bigger files, may require a paid membership. It’s compatible with several image and video file types, including JPG, PNG, AVI, WebM, and so on.

9.  Media.io

With Media.io, you can clean up your photographs and videos by erasing undesired elements like watermarks, logos, phrases, stamps, signatures, and more. Watermarks are automatically detected by the tool and removed without compromising the originality or quality of your photos by using advanced AI technology.

It’s also user-friendly and accepts various input types. Unfortunately, it might be slow when processing big files and it could not perform well with complicated watermarks.

10.  iMyFone MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo is also an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tool particularly made to eliminate watermarks. Many people who want professional results, choose iMyFone MarkGo because it removes watermarks from photos and videos using advanced algorithms.

Although there is a free trial available, a paid subscription is required to unlock all premium features. It’s easy to make changes in your content because of its user-friendly design.


So, this article provides a clear understanding of 10 free AI watermark remover tools in 2023. Nowadays, watermark removal tools have become important for many users. Watermark removal from photographs and videos is made easier with these tools. So, explore these watermark remover tools in-depth based on your needs.