This time, we bring you another Shopify guide. This guide is written to familiarise you with the concept of best sales channels on Shopify. You can sell your Shopify products on many online marketplaces. Shopify’s “sales channels” are a representation of the various distribution points for your products. By connecting all of your sales channels with Shopify, you can manage your orders, store inventory, and potential customers from a central location. So, let’s get to the point!!


These Shopify channels are the ways through which you can market and sell Shopify items. Shopify sales channels make it simple to sell your items anywhere. Which channel is best for your company depends on your business. You can choose to sell your physical things online, through actual stores, or both.

If, on the other hand, you’re selling digital products, you can set up a Shopify store and sell directly to customers. No matter what’s your business, Shopify can help you choose the right sales channel. Furthermore, suppose you already have a website set up to sell your products online but are looking to expand your customer base. In that case, you can do so by listing your items on online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and the like.

List of Best Sales Channels on Shopify

Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, provides many ways of marketing for its merchants. Depending on your business, customer needs, and inventory, Shopify may have a number of different channels that work best for you. Take a look at these:

1.  Online Store on Shopify

Shopify’s in-built e-commerce platform provides a secure environment for selling your products online, complete with the ability to personalize your online shop and direct payment processing. It’s a solid starting point for any online store.

11 Best Sales Channels on Shopify

2.  Shopify (POS)

If you run a physical business or want to sell in person, Shopify POS (Point of Sale) is a great choice for you. In addition to managing sales and providing a unified shopping experience, it can also synchronize your offline stock with your online one.

11 Best Sales Channels on Shopify

3.  Amazon

When you connect your Shopify store with Amazon, you have access to Amazon’s massive consumer base. Shopify’s Amazon sales channel lets you list and sell items on Amazon while keeping all your inventory and orders in one place.

4.  eBay

If you want to expand product publicity, eBay is another great option. You can easily handle orders and keep track of stock with the Shopify eBay channel.

5.  Google Shopping

With Google Shopping, you can show off your wares on the search engine’s results pages and connect with buyers who are already looking for what you’re selling. It makes shopping more enjoyable by making products easier to see.

6.  YouTube

YouTube is great for showcasing products, sharing feedback, and advertising brands. The use of Google Ads allows for the promotion of both video content and channels on YouTube. Connecting your Shopify store to your YouTube channel allows you to send viewers from your videos straight to your store’s product pages.

7.  Facebook Shop

Since Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, you can use the Facebook Shop to market and sell items right on your Page. This way, you can boost your social media presence and provide customers with a convenient way to shop without leaving the site.

11 Best Sales Channels on Shopify

8.  Instagram Shopping

You can tag products in Instagram posts and stories by connecting your Shopify store with Instagram through the Instagram Shopping channel. By tapping on the tags, customers may learn more about the items and make purchases.

9.  Wholesale Channel

Shopify’s Wholesale Channel is a specialized hub for wholesalers, where they can place orders, track inventory, and interact with other wholesalers.

10.  Pinterest

Pinterest is popular due to its ability to help users find new and interesting products. Put your items on display, make pins that users can really buy, and interact with other users in your target market by utilizing Pinterest.

11.  Custom Sale Channel

Shopify gives you the freedom to experiment with different channels of distribution by letting you set up your own unique, such as connecting to specialized marketplaces or utilizing affiliate networks.


That’s it! Remember that your business’s most successful sales channels may vary according to your intended market, product specialty, and promotional approach. Before deciding on the ideal marketing strategy for your Shopify business, you should examine your objectives, investigate your target audience, and try out a variety of channels. Get in touch with a Shopify development agency if you want to take your Shopify website to the next level and build a mobile app for your business.

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