It’s difficult to imagine traveling without the help of our smartphones because maps have completely changed the way we move. These 14 amazing Google Maps tips and tricks for 2023 will help you. The most popular navigational app at the moment with billions of users monthly across the globe is Google Maps.

Google Maps is indisputably among the most significant programs that you use frequently. Google Maps is the navigation tool that the majority of us rely on frequently, whether we’re looking for a new cafe on the best Android smartphones to finding a new area.


Getting lost, using paper road maps, and seeking directions have all become outdated over the past 12 years due to Google Maps. Even while maps are a useful and necessary tool these days, many of us only use a small portion of their outstanding features. You can optimize your Maps adventure in a matter of seconds, making it quicker and more effective while also making use of aspects and skills you weren’t even aware were available.

14 Amazing Google Maps Tips and Tricks for 2023

So, get ready to improve your Google Maps! Here are 14 amazing Google Maps tips and tricks for 2023 that will assist you to get the most out of Maps, from basic information to more detailed or specialized functions.

1.  Find your Required Location

Google Maps has been updated to help you find the places you want, just like everyone else. For instance, you can search for “covid screening near me” in Google Maps, to get a list of places that conduct tests along with contact information and operating hours. By searching for “vaccine,” you can also learn where to obtain doses. Additionally, you can check how many COVID-19 cases are in your nearby surroundings and whether those cases are rising or falling.

2.  Get a Street-View

Turn to the 360-degree photo spread in street view to obtain a close-up perspective of your destination. You can also get to it by moving the tiny yellow figure icon around the map by sliding it from the display.

On a mobile device, a pin can be dropped simply by holding it down at any location. Not every inch of the globe has been captured by Google’s Street View vehicles, but a sizable percentage of it has.

3.  Save your Favorite Places

Make your life a bit simpler by assigning your favorite locations more unique names if you’re constantly looking up or traveling to the same sites frequently. For example, “Doctor’s office” is much simpler to recall as the identity of your doctor’s office. You can also mention a friend for easy reference in the future.

4.  Add Multiple Locations

Traveling from two points is typical when traveling by car. Google enables you to foresee actual trips, which is beneficial. In the Google Maps mobile app, type your beginning and final destination, then select the three-dotted button to add additional destinations.

An option to “Add stop” will appear in a pop-over menu as a result. A route with several stops can be added once you click that. Adding and removing destinations from your schedule is a possibility as well.

5.  Customize your Vehicle Icon

When you’re traveling, Google Maps lets you select the vehicle that appears on your screen. Enter your location and launch driving directions on the map. When you click the location indicator icon, a screen with the choices for many vehicles will appear.

6.  Calculate any Distance

The feature determines the distance between the points. When you click somewhere else on the map after selecting “Measure distance,” a location marked by a white dot and a thick black arrow will be dropped, and the distance between these two points will be determined. To expand the map, keep clicking new locations. The primary card will compute the distance traveled overall.

7.  Time Travelling

Google Maps has a remarkable functionality for estimating the amount of time it will take to go outside, but it can also utilize that information to assist you in scheduling traffic rather than just managing concerns. On your smartphone, type in a destination to view directions hit “Leave now,” then choose “Depart at” from the drop-down menu. Maps will provide you with a rough estimate for that period, allowing you to change your schedule when to travel.

8.  See Traffic Conditions

You can view a live map of the traffic situations for cars for quite some time now with the utilization of Google Maps to determine how long a commute will be using public transportation. Now, passengers can view the current status of their vehicle in real-time. Now that you know how long your journey will be, you can also predict how enjoyable or terrible it will be.

Utilize Google Assistant’s voice commands to look up places, request recommendations, and other information if you don’t wish to move your eyes away from the road while traveling. When navigating, people can say “Ok, Google” and then follow it with voice commands. You can also check Best Budget Smartphones for 2023.

10.  Get Home with a Single Click

You can make use of widgets by creating a quick path to get home if you use Google Maps on your smartphone. Open the widget choice, then search for the Maps options and click the one with directions. An address, a means of travel, and various route choices, such as dodging toll highways, are all selectable when placing a widget. You can move forward after setting the route to “Home”.

11.  Share your Live Location

Sharing your current location in real-time with another Google Map user is one of its newest features. If you’re meeting up with somebody or want to let them know you made it home securely. With this location-sharing built-in function, a few others will always be capable of viewing where you are now. In short, sharing your position with your buddies can be incredibly helpful.

12.  Offline Accessibility

Currently, Maps works best on mobile devices, which raises a challenge: You might find yourself in an area with limited internet access when you most require Maps. Google Maps makes things easier for you.

You then need to get this offline map. When you click your profile and choose offline maps to view later, you can quickly learn how to travel to your destination.

13.  Find the Nearest Parking Point

Arriving at a location at the last minute and then attempting to find parking is the most frustrating thing. Maps are also useful for this purpose. On your smartphone, choose “Steps & Parking,” and then select “Find parking.” The “Find parking” link can be found toward the middle of the screen.

14.  View your History

Your online actions are kept in great detail by Google. You can delete your smartphone’s Maps history if you want to remove it. You can view both known and unknown places from your past using Maps’ history function, which maintains track of all the sites you’ve gone to.

Choose your facts in Maps from the menu by clicking. A map with a history of your activity will be given to you. Therefore, you can remove your whole location history by clicking the trash button.


We hope that these 14 amazing Google Maps tips and tricks for 2023 will be helpful to you. It’s now your turn. Which Google Maps tricks are your favorites and do you always utilize them? Please contribute any advice you can have that we may have overlooked in this article. So, comment us below with any suggestions or queries if you’ve.

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