Google will launch Bard AI tool to compete with ChatGPT on 7 February 2023. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced this in a company blog post. In addition to offering high-quality solutions, he says that Bard can resolve difficult issues with its conversational AI service. Google has released it to a small group of beta testers and plans to roll it out to the public in the future.

Google has now introduced some incredible new AI features for its search engine. All of which are designed to provide organic answers to user queries. AI chatbots typically scan the query they’re provided to create their required response. To know further details, keep reading this blog!

Google will Launch Bard AI tool to Compete ChatGPT


Google’s AI chatbot is called Bard. The chatbot will function in the same way as ChatGPT. This will enable users to interact with it through natural language. Language Model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA), developed by Google, is the foundation for this new chatbot.

The company says its product is a modified version of the popular LaMDA software. Bard, as stated by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, has only recently been introduced to a small group of users for testing purposes. However, Bard will be accessible to the public very soon. You can also check Google’s Algorithm Update in 2023.

Why Google Will Launch Bard AI Tool to Compete with ChatGPT

Bard has been developed to provide users with more ease of use. Google’s chatbot continues to provide difficult concepts in easy words. It can now also provide users with up-to-date, high-quality data they can trust. As a competitor to ChatGPT, Google’s new chatbot was developed and released quickly in time.


The key aspects of this invention are as follows:

  • Users will experience the combination of strength, intelligence, and imagination in Google’s Chatbot Bard.
  • Google is releasing its AI system in a modified version of the LaMDA to early adopters and beta testers.
  • The main goal is to gather information through Bard that can be used to better the AI system soon.

Will Bard Compete with Open AI ChatGPT?

Google has recently announced the release of a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence; it’s called Bard. As a result, Google’s newest AI tool will be able to provide users with up-to-date information on current events due to its ability to discover the most recent, high-quality answers to their questions. ChatGPT has trained data to provide accurate information only till the year 2021.

Google has just released the Bard, a model of the LaMDA that uses a smaller, lighter model. The reason for this is that Bard will be able to interact with more users and receive more answers if its models are simplified and made to utilize fewer computational resources. However, Bard may beat ChatGPT soon depending on its database capacity.

Google will Launch Bard AI tool to Compete ChatGPT


Keeping all these things in mind, Google will launch Bard AI tool to compete with ChatGPT. We may expect to see this AI-powered tool soon that simplifies difficult queries.

ChatGPT was available for testing by anyone with access to the OpenAI website when introduced. With Google’s new Bard, however, that won’t be the case. As this technology is still in its development stage, the company is only providing access to it to a small group of beta testers rather than the general public.

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