Trends and products in the modern e-commerce world change quickly and frequently. Shopify, without a doubt, is a popular e-commerce platform among merchants looking to create online stores. Now, you may wonder how to become a certified Shopify expert in 2023. It has kept its users delighted by offering them the most advanced e-commerce store-creation features.

Amazingly, more than a million e-commerce business owners rely on Shopify’s support team. And Shopify itself is always evolving to meet the modern needs of its users. To stay competitive as a Shopify expert, constant self-learning is necessary. Because in this field, new things are continuously emerging.

That’s why it is essential that you continually improve your knowledge to stay competitive in this field if you want to become a certified Shopify expert in 2023. Where will you go to take the Shopify training courses available online? This article will help you to become a certified Shopify expert in 2023.


It’s no secret why millions of websites use Shopify to bring in revenue, communicate with clients, and fulfill orders worldwide. So, Shopify has become an attention to people who want high-paying jobs and careers in the e-commerce industry. How can one learn the necessary skills to become a Shopify expert? You could have spent many hours watching Shopify videos available for free on YouTube. But you need more credibility to take on high-paying clients.

You must prove you’re the top-rated Shopify expert to win over high-paying customers. This will be done by getting a certification from the best Shopify platform. Nowadays, you can get Shopify courses from different resources. But firstly, you need to pick the right resource for such certification in which you’re interested. But getting certified by the Shopify platform will give you an edge in the job market.

Types of Shopify Certification

Becoming a certified expert in this field begins here by choosing between two options: a certification provided directly by Shopify or a certification provided by a third-party educational organization.

·  Direct Shopify Certification

You can earn a direct Shopify certification only through a Shopify Partner Academy, which provides only the official Shopify platform because the certifications offered by a Shopify partner academy have more value than certifications offered by other resources.

How to Become a Certified Shopify Expert in 2023

·  Third-Party Certification

Certification from other educational providers, such as Coursera or Udemy, is called “third-party certification.” These classes can help you learn from experts if you’re a beginner in this field. Even if you don’t get any certification from Shopify, having this third-party certification experience on your resume will help you get a job.

Who are Shopify Experts?

The answer is simple. They’re experienced and certified members of the Shopify community who offer their unique services to help Shopify merchants grow their businesses. They have branding, sales, and marketing expertise, store setup and development, etc. Then, are Shopify experts and the Shopify Partner Program the same? The answer is no. They’re slightly different from each other.

You need to join the Shopify Partner Program first to be considered an expert in this field. You can earn ad commissions and access online courses at the Shopify Academy after becoming an expert. But for this, you must first meet Shopify’s approval requirements. You must show your expertise and experience in this field by showcasing your e-commerce-related projects.

Pathway to Become a Certified Shopify Expert in 2023

Earning your Shopify certification is easier than you would think. You can learn in many ways, depending on your interests and the effort you’ll give to skill development. Following is the pathway to follow if you want to become a certified Shopify expert in 2023:

1.  Choose the Credible Resource for Your Certification

First, you’d choose between becoming certified by Shopify or a third-party resource. You can also do both. It would help if you only took on a few lectures simultaneously. However, remember that each lecture will need a full effort. Shopify has its academy where you can take courses. To enroll in the free Shopify Partner Academy, visit their website.

2.  Select Your Shopify Certification Courses

Interested users can use the Partner Academy to increase their knowledge of Shopify and make money with the right course. Courses from outside sources are also available, and there are many to choose from. So, let’s check out the Shopify Partner website and see what courses they offer.

·  App Development Certification

Users can show off their expertise in app creation with the help of Shopify’s certification program for app developers. You’ll get knowledge about industry standards and practice skills that will be helpful in your future projects. In addition, you can also show off your certification to potential buyers.

App Development Certification

·  Theme Development Certification

This certification is useful for those interested in working as Shopify theme developers or creators. It tests your expertise in SEO, accessibility, theme-specific app integration for Shopify stores, and your familiarity with the liquid language, custom styling, front-end tools, and Shopify themes.

Theme Development Certification

·  Store Operations and Fundamentals

This course will help you understand the fundamentals of creating and managing an online store, which is useful if you’re a freelancer looking to collaborate with business owners. If you want to impress your client with your knowledge of retail management, this training is a must.

·  Partner Program Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to the many advantages of joining the Shopify platform in which you can benefit from becoming an official Partner. This will give you the best tools to make the most time in the Shopify Partner Program.

How to Become a Certified Shopify Expert in 2023

3.  Hone Your Skill

After this, this is the phase where you’ll have to practice what you’ve learned on the platform. It would help to think out of the box to succeed in this ever-evolving field. The Shopify Partner program also offers classes on project management difficulties, conversion design, and business basics.

4.  Get Certified

At the end, you’d take the exam of each course to evaluate how well you learned them. A passing score of 80% is required to receive certification. The dashboard is where you can access information about your certifications.


In short, the more you work with Shopify in developing apps and designing themes, the more proficient you’ll become to make more money. You can always continue your learning and obtain extra certifications at any time. That’s it for this time!

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