Customization is important if you want your e-commerce site to appear like your brand and not like every other business using a common theme. If you use a paid Shopify theme, you’ll have few options to edit the CSS of a theme in Shopify beyond the most fundamental changes. This way, your shop will look unique to others.
Changing your CSS theme is the best way to make necessary changes to your web layout and font style. Adding custom code to your online store can be tough. It is a complex process, so having a professional handle it is best.
Today, we’ll talk about CSS so you can update CSS on your Shopify store. But first, let’s start with the fundamentals of CSS before discussing its various implications for your online shop.

Clear Understanding of CSS

Cascading Style Sheets is an abbreviation for this. It’s a programming language for controlling how elements of HTML appear on a web page. All web pages have their core structure determined by HTML. Layout, colors, fonts, spacing, etc., are all designed for the user’s experience by CSS in conjunction with HTML.

E.g, <h1>I’m a Blogger of this Website </h1>

The “h1” in the above CSS code is a selection. It might be a special class or a paragraph’s “p” tag. The selector links the CSS with the HTML. The “h1” selector specifies the formatting for all h1 tags in the HTML file. You can put your declarations in the enclosing curly braces.
E.g, h1 { color:white; font-size:14px; }
The H1 heading has the attributes “color:white” and “font-size:14px” declared. These are two elements of a declaration. The declarations decide the formatting of the HTML. You should use semicolons to separate multiple declarations wherever possible. The declarations must end with a semicolon as well.

Ways to Edit the CSS of a Theme in Shopify

Let’s talk about 3 customization options for your online store before we go into how to change the CSS files. After selecting the perfect theme for your e-commerce site, various methods will appear to modify its layout.

1. Shopify Theme Editor

Shopify’s theme editor makes it simple to change your theme. To access it, navigate to Online Store > Themes and click Customise next to the theme you wish to modify. You can modify the look of the entire theme or just one page with the theme editor.

2. Shopify Code Editor

There are some restrictions on what is customized with the theme editor. Then the code editor works well for this purpose. The code editor views all the liquid, CSS, and HTML files associated with your theme.

A skilled developer should handle modifications to these files, as they’re crucial to the operation of your theme. In addition, before making any changes, you should always create a backup of your theme.

3. Shogun Page Builder

An alternative to messing with code is using a page-building editor, which provides more control over the behavior of page elements in a drag-and-drop visual editor, to personalize your e-commerce store. If you need a powerful solution but not getting a mess with the code, this editor is here to help you.

Shoogun page builder

4. Add Custom CSS

Customization can applied to your entire store or a single section, excluding the checkout page. In this way, you can add custom CSS to your entire theme or a particular section. Below are the steps:

  • Access to Online Store > Themes through your Shopify admin.
  • Select Customise to make changes.
  • Select the area you want to style with CSS or select the whole theme if you like.
  • Add your code.
  • Then, hit the “Save” button.
Add Custom Css file

Steps to Edit CSS in your Shopify Store

The admin dashboard of your e-commerce store provides all the tools you need to get this done. If you aren’t tech-savvy, don’t worry. If you follow these instructions carefully, you can easily change the CSS of your online store.

  • Open Shopify. You can access the “Online Store” section by logging in. This component of the dashboard will be located on the left side. If you go to the Online Shop and then click on a theme, you’ll be sent directly to that page.
  • Click the “(…)” from the right side and then select “Edit Code.”
How to Edit the CSS of a Theme in Shopify?
  • To access the CSS file, navigate to the assets folder and open it. Possible filenames include “style.scss.liquid” and “theme.scss.liquid.” If you’re looking for a file with this extension and can’t locate it, try searching for “.css.liquid” or “.scss.liquid.”
How to Edit the CSS of a Theme in Shopify?
  • You can make the necessary changes to the file at this point. When you finish, select “save,” and you’ll have successfully modified the Shopify CSS.


Now, you’ve learned how to edit the CSS of a theme in Shopify. Changing the Shopify theme’s CSS may do wonders for your store’s aesthetics and consistency with your brand’s voice.

So, take precautions, create backups, and check your updates before pushing them online. With some knowledge of CSS, you can make your online store seem completely different from anyone else.

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