Need a professional freelancing profile? A freelancer’s profile is typically the initial point of contact between the freelancer and a potential customer. It’s your first impression with clients and a chance to differentiate yourself from the competition, both in the context of your offers and for any clients who come to your profile. Here are the top 9 tips to write a winning freelance profile in 2023 we’ve gathered to help you build a strong freelancing portfolio. Also, look at some top-rated portfolios of freelancers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and others.


You should create a portfolio of your greatest freelancing work to showcase your expertise, talents, and creativity to prospective clients you have. Freelancers constantly seek new opportunities and clients. If you’re new to any freelance platform and haven’t worked with any client before, showcasing them some examples of your work and completed projects is essential to earning their trust and ultimately their business.

Clients can analyze things and make a more informed hiring decision. Freelancing is a competitive field, therefore it stands to reason that your portfolio is crucial to your success. Now, let’s check out the top 9 tips to write a winning freelance profile in 2023 in the below section.

Top 9 Tips to Write a Winning Freelance Profile in 2023

For beginners looking for some tips to write a winning freelance profile in 2023, follow these below steps:

Top 9 Tips to Write a Winning Freelance Profile in 2023

1.   Understand Your Audience

In making a successful freelancing portfolio, determining your audience is important. Remember that gaining clients is the ultimate aim of creating a freelance portfolio. To achieve this, you must first identify who you want to reach, what they need, and what you want to give them in terms of service. Working on a client’s project means aiming for results that satisfy the customer and the project’s specifications.

Top 9 Tips to Write a Winning Freelance Profile in 2023

2.   Write a Catchy Headline

When a potential client clicks on your profile, they will initially see your headline. So, you need a catchy title if you desire a powerful profile. If at all possible, your headline should just be one line long. The headline you choose should also highlight your area of specialty. This makes it easy for clients to understand who you are as a freelancer and what you can do for them, increasing the likelihood that they will hire you.

3.   Choose a Professional Profile Picture

Be sure to pick a headshot that conveys your professionalism when creating your profile picture. You can find several professional photographers willing to take professional headshots for your freelance profiles. Even if you don’t have one of those, a good shot can be taken using a smartphone or a decent camera.

Top 9 Tips to Write a Winning Freelance Profile in 2023

4.   Add Skills

The hardest thing about making it as a successful freelancer on a site like Upwork or Fiverr is populating your profile with relevant talents. Just as a building structure can’t exist without a solid foundation, a freelancer’s profile is the foundation of their relevant skills. To the same extent, if this freelancing foundation is poor, you won’t last long in the freelance market. Because other freelancers with stronger profiles will emerge victorious and leave you in their dust.

5.   Include a Brief and Relevant Description

A description gives the client an idea about yourself. Your profile must show your current skills. For example, if your profession is “content writer,” your profile should emphasize that you also have copywriting skills.

The description area is where you can sell yourself as the solution to whatever business challenges your potential customer is having. So, keep the description short, professional, and bullet-pointed for readability.

6.   List Certificates and Achievements

Many people skip over this crucial step while making their freelance profiles. This is, however, a very important step. The quality of your offered service depends upon the education or certification you possess. A degree or certification in a field related to the freelance work you want to do will give you an edge over the competition. Also, include prior achievements gained while serving other clients.

7.   Add Clients Testimonials

As we said earlier, a freelancer’s portfolio serves as the online shop of the freelancer’s work for potential clients. Aside from your previous work, client testimonials are another approach to demonstrating your professionalism and experience. Freelancers with a history of satisfied customers are more likely to be hired by companies because it provides them confidence that the job they need will be completed on time and to a satisfactory standard.

Add Clients Testimonials

8.   Review & Analyze Your Profile

You can get ideas by checking the profiles of other freelancers, but don’t copy them. Complete all parts to get trust and credibility. Use language that is clear to your clients and be sure to proofread everything and keep your profile up-to-date regularly.

9.   Simple CTA

Specify in your profile how potential clients can get in touch with you to discuss potential projects. Make your contact information easy to find or use. You should facilitate your client’s hiring process as much as possible.


So now we know the top 9 tips to write a winning freelance profile in 2023. The process for using each freelance platform is nearly the same, with very minor variations. But the key to becoming a successful freelancer is in crafting the perfect freelancer profile. Therefore, before beginning, a freelancer should give some time to understand how to make the best freelancer profile, which will ultimately guarantee success!